Benefits of Having a Backyard Fence in Great Falls, VA

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A Backyard Fence by Professionals in Great Falls, VA

One of the main advantages of having a backyard fence for your home is that it adds value to your property. This means, if you ever plan to sell your house in the future, you can expect a decent return on investment if you have a fenced property. This is mainly because families with small children and pets will prefer to buy a house with a backyard fence as it provides them with an enhanced feeling of security.

In addition to this, having a backyard also helps to keep intruders at bay. If the need arises, you can also increase the security of the fence by adding anti-climbing measures to it.

Not only that, if you have noisy neighbors or you live near a busy street, a solid fence will also help you to block out some of the unwanted sounds and create a more peaceful yard. If needed, you can even add sound-absorbing insulation for your backyard fence, which will effectively block out the surrounding noise from your yard.

Yet another advantage of adding a backyard fence to your house is to maintain privacy. Some homeowners do not prefer onlookers while they are busy with their backyard activities. In such cases, a budget-friendly, low-cost backyard fence for protecting your privacy is a must.

Top Three Materials for Building a Backyard Fence

Once you have decided to install a backyard fence for your home, the next question is which material to use for building the fence. The design and material used for the fence may vary to individual preference.

The most commonly used material for a backyard fence is wood. One of the main attraction of a wooden fence is that it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options you have if you are considering building a backyard fence. In addition to this, a wooden fence also provides you privacy for your backyard activities as it blocks the view of onlookers.

However, you have to keep in mind that wood can deteriorate pretty quickly and so you should be ready to stain and paint it every couple of years if you are opting for wooden fences. This means the maintenance cost of wooden backyard fences is higher. Fence contractors recommend you to make sure it matches the surrounding landscaping when you paint or stain your backyard fence so that it blends with the landscape.

Another popular material for backyard fencing is chain link. It is an excellent choice for people who are not concerned with the privacy of their backyard activities and who only want to enclose their property safely so that they can keep their pets and children inside the yard. Keep in mind that if you are looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, a chain link fence is not a suitable option for you. However, a chain-link fence provides you with a sturdy, maintenance-free backyard fence in a very low budget.

If you don’t mind spending a little more, you can also try a vinyl fence for your backyard. The main advantage of choosing a vinyl fence is that it helps you to accomplish the appearance of a wooden fence without the maintenance baggage that usually accompanies it. This means even though the upfront cost of a vinyl backyard fence in Great Falls, VA is more than installing a wooden fence, in the long run, you will be saving a lot of money as the maintenance cost of vinyl fences are almost negligible.

Also, note that you don’t have to paint or stain a vinyl fence as you would have to for a wood fence. This means you will have more quality time in your hand during the summer to spend with your family. All you have to do to maintain a vinyl fence is hosing it down once in a while to keep it clean looking.

Once you have decided about the material you want to use for your backyard fence, conduct a detailed study about the various options available to you as far as factors such as fence style, length, and height are concerned. Pricing is, without any doubt, one of the top priorities of most homeowners. So, also, make sure to set aside a preliminary budget for the job.

Now, the next job is to find an experienced, reliable, and trustworthy fence contractor who can do the fence installation for you. Remember that designing and installing a new backyard fence in Great Falls, VA, is a job for experienced professionals. Your job is to find the best people who will do it for you. With so many fence contractors available in Great Falls, VA, you might find this job a bit difficult at first.

Always remember that a reputable fencing contractor will provide you with customized fence services with personal attention. Here are a few tips to follow when you are looking for an established, professional fence company:

Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Fence Contractor

  • The best method to find a trustworthy and experienced fence contractor is to ask around. Ask your friends and neighbors for a recommendation. Nothing can beat word of mouth when it comes to finding top-quality fence companies in Great Falls, VA, whom you can trust.
  • Once you have the details of a few service providers, have a look at their website. This will allow you to have an in-depth look at their work ethics. Make sure you go through the websites of at least two service providers and compare their quotes before deciding to hire someone.
  • You can also make use of digital, community-based resources like Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau to see how the company has performed so far, depending upon their user reviews. These resources will be having the documented history of each fence company in your area.
  • It is also crucial to verify business licenses, industry certifications, and appropriate insurance coverage of the fencing company you are planning to hire.
  • Another thing you can do is to enquire if someone has hired the contractor for a similar project. Enquire about their job site management, quality of their workmanship, etc. to their previous clients. Also, ask whether they had to face any problems during the project and how they resolved those issues.

Once you have verified the credentials of the contractor, you can prepare a questionnaire, including questions relevant to your specific fence project. This questionnaire, along with your budget and job specification, will give help you to make a fully-informed decision about which fence contractor you should choose for building your backyard fence in Great Falls, VA.

Why Choose Hal Co Fence?

We, at Hal Co Fence, understand the fact that not every one of our clients knows what their exact needs are when it comes to building a backyard fence. So, we make it a point to spend time with our clients so that we can understand what they have in mind as far as their backyard fence installation is concerned. We will ask our clients the right questions to know how they want the fence installation to be done. We make sure to give attention to each detail, and that is what makes us stand above our competitors. We believe the best way to retain a customer is to provide them with high-quality customer service.

Our services include

  • Selecting the appropriate material for your backyard fence, coming up with quality fence designs, fence installation, and related services following the highest safety procedures.
  • We also ensure personalized customer service for all our clients before, during, and after installing your backyard fence to maximize your comfort.

We have almost 30+ years of experience designing, building, and installing backyard fences in Great Falls, VA, and so, you can rest assured that we are more than qualified to take up your fence installing project. Remember, you are being served by the best in the industry when you schedule an appointment with us. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff perfectly understands that no two projects are alike.

So they make sure to study each project in detail and develop fences that are best suited to the customer’s lifestyle and fit the needs of the property. So make sure to give us a call if you are looking for people to install or repair your backyard fence.

About Hal Co

We are a family-owned and operated fence and deck contractor with a hometown attitude with a 27 year history of satisfied and happy customers throughout Northern Virginia. At Hal Co Fence, we are there for you from planning and design and after cleanup to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Find out why so many of your friends, neighbors and colleagues are choosing HAL CO fence and deck to install wood fences in Great Falls, VA and enhance the quality and value of their outdoor living spaces.

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