Why Composite Wood Decks are so Popular Among Homeowners in Leesburg, VA

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The Advantages of Choosing Composite Wood Decks in Leesburg, VA

Adding a deck onto a home is a great way to extend the living space. It can add beauty and value to the property if it is designed and constructed by professionals. Since 1981 Hal Co Fence has been the premier fence and deck contractor for Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metro area, and the licensed professionals are ready to turn their clients’ dreams for their properties into reality. This includes the design and construction of composite wood decks in the Leesburg, VA area, and Hal Co Fence is ready to answer all their customers’ most frequently asked questions.

There are several advantages to choosing to have a deck constructed from composite wood, and Hal Co Fence is happy to explain them to their customers. Composite wood decks in Leesburg, VA are easy to maintain, long lasting and look great for years. To help their customers choose the right decking material to fit their lifestyle and the needs of the property, the experts at Hal Co Fence have put together this list of their most frequently asked questions.

1. What are composite boards made of?

The boards used for composite wood decks in Leesburg, VA are made from recycled wood fiber and plastic that are mixed together. Preservatives that protect the material from weather and sun damage are added to help ensure the boards will last for years. If the boards come with a texture, pattern or specific color that is also added during the heating and cooling process. Since the composite wood boards are made from recycled materials, these decks are a great choice for any environmentally conscious homeowner.

2. Are composite wood decks in Leesburg, VA expensive?

Hal Co Fence is an independently owned full-service contractor, and this allows them the freedom to offer their clients competitive pricing. When this is combined with the low cost of maintaining a composite wood deck, homeowners are often surprised at how affordable it can be. The lasting value it can add to the property also makes a composite deck a good overall investment. Hal Co Fence also wants to point out that the cost of the composite boards can be significantly lower than other commonly used decking materials.

3. Does the composite deck come with a warranty?

Most manufacturers of composite decking materials include a warranty with the purchase. The length and terms of the warranty will vary, but some will cover their products up to 25 years. Some warranties are also transferable if the property is sold, and Hal Co Fence will explain the details during the consultation and design phase. Hal Co Fence also backs all their composite wood decks in Leesburg, VA with their “complete satisfaction guarantee.” It is this commitment to their customers that has earned Hal Co Fence the “Super Service Award” from Angie’s List.

4. Do composite wood decks in Leesburg, VA require a lot of maintenance?

One of the main advantages of composite wood decks is the fact that they need very little maintenance. The boards are treated with preservatives that help protect them from weather damage, along with normal wear and tear. Composite wood boards won’t warp or bend, and rarely need to be replaced.

The boards do not need to be retreated every year. There is also no heavy scrubbing involved. Most homeowners find that all they need to do to keep their composite wood deck looking like new is to wash it down with soapy water once a year. The lack of maintenance is what makes composite wood decks a popular choice with Leesburg, VA homeowners.

5. Are composite materials durable?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be surprised at how durable composite decking really is. The blend of recycled wood waste and plastic is heated and cooled, creating a material that is extremely durable. It is resistant to water and sun damage thanks to the added preservatives, and won’t easily scuff or produce splinters. Not only does this help ensure that the composite wood deck will last for years, but that it also looks great. Best of all composite boards burn at a higher temperature than wood, making them a safer choice for homeowners.

6. Can the entire deck be constructed from composite materials?

Hal Co Fence is proud to be able to provide their eco-conscious customers with a complete line of composite wood products. Their talented design staff will work closely with homeowners to help them choose the best materials for their tastes and budget. Along with composite wood boards, clients can add railings, balusters, posts, treads and even fascia boards. Everything can match the composite deck boards or clients can mix and match according to their tastes.

7. Why does the profile of the composite deck boards matter?

The profile of the boards affects the appearance of the deck, and this is an important consideration. The “profile” refers to how the boards will be fastened down and this determines the deck’s overall appearance, how many fasteners are needed and length of construction time. Hal Co Fence will explain the differences between the various profiles and how it affects composite wood decks in Leesburg, VA. The knowledgeable staff at Hal Co Fence know the right questions to ask when the deck is being designed to ensure the finished project meets and exceeds their client’s expectations.

8. Are there any drawbacks to composite wood decks in Leesburg, VA?

While there are several advantages to using composite decking materials, there are also a few drawbacks. Hal Co Fence believes that for their clients to make the best decision, they need to be fully informed. This includes understanding the drawbacks to adding a composite wood deck on their property.

Composite wood planks are resistant to rot and won’t produce splinters, but the boards can be easily scratched. Moving heavy outdoor furniture can scratch or scuff the planks, and the marks cannot be sanded out. The board will have to be replaced, and this can add up in costs. Sunlight can also cause fading, and this can detract from the deck’s overall appearance. New additives are being added in an effort to correct this problem, and Hal Co Fence is excited to be able to offer these new and improved products to their customers.

9. Does experience matter in composite deck design and building?

When it comes to designing and building composite wood decks in Leesburg, VA experience does matter. The deck should look like a natural extension of the home, and this takes the skill and trained eye of an experienced designer. This is what customers get when they contact the professionals at Hal Co Fence.

This independently owned full-service deck and fence company has over three decades of experience in the area. This makes them uniquely qualified to design and build a composite wood deck that will last for years. Hal Co Fence will carefully evaluate the property and ensure that the proposed location can safely support the weight of the deck. They will listen to their clients’ hopes and dreams for the property, and help them bring it into reality.

10. Should the deck contractor be licensed and insured?

Even though constructing a composite deck is relatively easy, accidents can still happen. If the deck contractor is not fully insured, the property owner could be held liable for any expenses. This will never be a concern with Hal Co Fence. The contractors are fully licensed and insured so homeowners can rest assured that they won’t be held liable for any damages.

The contractor will also take care of securing any necessary permits and paperwork, and be on hand until the project is finished. Only when the homeowner states that they are fully satisfied will Hal Co Fence mark it as another successfully completed project.

There are several benefits associated with adding a composite wood deck on a property, and Hal Co Fence is more than happy to explain them to their clients. With over thirty years of experience, homeowners can rest assured that they contacted the best when they call the experts at Hal Co Fence.

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