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Bring Attention to Your Home with a Wood Deck Builder in Manassas, VA

Add a Wood Deck, a Smart Long-Term Investment

Extra outdoor space is probably the big reason you want to build a new deck. But did you know that your investment will also pay big dividends in the long term?.

When you work with a professional wood deck builder in Manassas, VA, your deck will be a major asset when it comes time to sell your home. A well designed and built deck provides a very positive return on investment.

Here is a closer look at the many ways a beautiful wood deck is a great investment.

Hal Co is a reputable deck builder serving Manassas, VA residents for over 33 years. We offer:

  • Quality design, selection, installation and related services for your deck in Manassas, VA following the highest safety procedures and industry standards.
  • In partnership, we will evaluate your deck project requirements and develop a comprehensive installation plan.
  • Personalized customer service before, during and after installing your deck in Manassas, VA to minimize your disruption and maximize your comfort.

Curb Appeal

When you work with a skilled wood deck builder and designer, you will end up with outdoor living space that catches attention. The best decks are designed to fit the needs of your family and the specific outdoor space you choose.

That’s why homebuyers routinely add a wood deck as a must on their Top 10 lists of features they look for in a new home. They want a deck that adds beauty to the house, is easy to maintain, and is strong and durable. They love the fact that a deck is ready and waiting as soon as they move in—ready for entertaining and relaxing.

Buyers pay for space. Your new deck will add significant outdoor living space to your property. It gives your yard a clean, defined area for socializing and kicking back. As buyers check out your deck, they can picture themselves entertaining their own friends. It makes your home more desirable to them.

Your deck makes your home stand out in a crowded marketplace. It could be the one feature that gets buyers out of the car and into your home for a tour. That means you have a better chance of selling your home quickly and for the price you want.

Extra Living Space

You and your family will have more area for dining outside, visiting with friends, and entertaining relatives and neighbors. A deck is put to good use throughout the seasons. It is a functional, outdoor room that people love.

Have a cup of tea with a neighbor on your deck in the early days of spring. Gather friends for a barbeque on summer evenings. Hot chocolate is just the thing after raking leaves in the fall, or hot, spiced wine on a crisp winter afternoon.

A professional wood deck builder in Manassas, VA, knows how to design a deck that naturally attracts people. That means that family and friends spend more time in your yard and you get more use of all of your outdoor living area.

Lasts for Years

When you have an experienced wood deck builder in Manassas, VA, construct your deck, it will last for many years. Wood, especially red cedar, is an excellent choice for people who don’t like upkeep chores. And who wants to spend beautiful summer days sealing, painting and repairing a deck?

Red cedar has natural properties that repel insects and prevent moisture damage. Its beautiful coloring gently fades to a silvery patina over the years. Or you can stain it to keep its crisp good looks from year to year.

It is important to trust the work to a professional wood deck builder in Manassas, VA. He understands local terrain, soil and weather conditions. He has hands-on experience constructing a deck that is solid, safe and durable.

Entertain in Style

Decks are natural gathering spaces, especially in summer. But your entire family will use them all year long. You can let your children play on the deck throughout the year. They stay close by and easy to check on, while you go about your routine indoors.

When you have a party, a deck expands your living area significantly. Visitors can gather for a quiet chat on the deck, away from the noise of the main group. Guests enjoy sitting in the open air instead of getting stuck inside on a nice day.

A deck is a casual, friendly spot to socialize with neighbors. Have them over for a beer on a quiet fall afternoon. Or grill up a storm and invite them over for dinner.

You can sit on the deck in the evening, relaxing by yourself after a hard day at work. There’s nothing nicer than enjoying the outdoors at twilight on a soft summer evening.

Enhance the Look of Your Home

A beautifully designed wood deck can complement the look of your home, while fitting in seamlessly with your landscape design. When you work with a professional wood deck builder and designer in Manassas, VA, he can guide you when you select the size and shape. He can help you choose the best materials that fit the look you want and your budget.

A deck gives you a clearly defined area for socializing. That frees up space in your yard for gardening and playing. You can also store outdoor items on the deck or under the deck.

You can stain the deck to match the trim on your home. Or paint it a contrasting color and make it a focal point in your yard. You can choose a design that is traditional, natural, elegant, streamlined and modern. Wood is very versatile material, which works well for a variety of deck shapes. You can build a deck with several levels, not just one.

By adding the right accessories, you can give a standard deck a very upscale look. Check out the wide range of gates, railings, hardware and finishes available for wood decks.

Customize the look of your deck with deck furniture like loungers, chairs and tables. Add plants, a grill, or an outdoor fire pit. Install outdoor lighting to make it usable even at night.

Quick Construction Time

When you remodel your home or add a room, the work will take months. The work and supplies will invade your yard, making a mess.

When you add a deck, the work can be done in a matter of weeks. Just like a remodel or addition, it gives you more living space and enhances the functionality of your home. But you get to use it right away! Why wait?

Fits in with Any Budget

When you work with a wood deck builder in Manassas, VA, you can get a deck that will fit into just about every budget. Final costs depend on the materials you use, the size of the deck, and the design.

If you are concerned about costs, check out the many benefits of environmentally friendly pressure-treated pine. It lasts for years and has an attractive appearance. The most popular wood is red cedar, which falls at the midpoint of the cost spectrum. It lasts years longer than most woods and keeps its beautiful appearance over time.

Work with the Wood Deck Experts

Here at Hal Co, we have been helping local residents with their outdoor projects since 1981. During that time, we have earned a reputation for attention to detail, caring customer service, expert craftsmanship, creative design and competitive pricing. We know decks from their footings and supports, right up to the railings and accessories.

As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in offering the best customer support available. Our designers really listen to what you want to accomplish with your deck. We work with a variety of budgets, and can help you choose materials and a deck design that works for you.

We offer standard designs and custom deck design. All are constructed by our experienced craftspeople. We understand the weather and soil conditions here in the local community. The deck we build for you will be properly constructed and last for years to come. We also handle maintenance and repair.

Our deck service starts with an in-house estimate provided by an experienced member of our team. He will make sure all the details are right, and make sure you approve the design and the types of materials we use. Our workers take pride in keeping the worksite—your yard—clean. Our goal is to make you a long-term, satisfied customer.

At Hal Co, we handle a variety of outdoor projects that help you get the most of your outdoor space, including:

  • Red cedar decks
  • Eco-friendly, pressure-treated pine decks
  • Composite decking
  • Cedar fencing
  • Split rail fencing
  • Composite fencing
  • Ornamental and steel fencing
  • Screened porches
  • Gazebos
  • Roofing

For a free, no-obligation quote for a deck constructed by a master wood deck builder in Manassas, VA, call Hal Co today.

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