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Wooden Fences Add Curb Appeal to Homes in Manassas, VA

5 Great Reasons to Choose Wooden Fencing

Wooden fences in Manassas, VA, have been the most popular choice for decades. There are good reasons for the popularity of this fencing material. It’s attractive and affordable, adds curb appeal, lasts for years and works with an amazing range of styles.

Hal Co is a reputable fence contractor serving Manassas, VA residents for over 30 years. We offer:

  • Quality design, selection, installation and related services for your wood fence in Manassas, VA following the highest safety procedures and industry standards.
  • In partnership, we will evaluate your fence project requirements and develop a comprehensive installation plan.
  • Personalized customer service before, during and after installing your wood fence in Manassas, VA to minimize your disruption and maximize your comfort.

Here are 5 great reasons for you to consider wooden fences in Manassas, VA.

#1. Wood Fits into Any Style and Design

Wooden fences in Manassas, VA, work with all types of fence designs, from conventional and traditional to modern. Here are 6 styles that are perfect for wood fences, all of which add practical beauty to your home.

  • Picket fence. Nothing gives a better welcome than a traditional picket fence. You can paint it the standard white, or stain the wood for a more natural look. These are an inviting way to show off a front garden, while defining the perimeter of your yard.
  • Split-rail fence. The rustic split-rail fence is as down home as the family farm. It works well around suburban homes as it does on real farms. This gives a natural feel to any yard and works with a surprising range of architectural styles.
  • Privacy fence. The standard privacy fence is so popular because it works. The wood gives a very attractive tone to the fence. At the same time, the closely spaced vertical boards keep people out and your pets and children in. These fences can be built 5 to 7 feet high.
  • Paddock and estate fences. For working farms with horses and other livestock, paddock and estate fences provide a finished, elegant look. They can be built in a range of sizes, depending on your needs and what you’re trying to contain. These are often painted white.
  • Horizontal privacy fence. Wooden fences in Manassas, VA, work well for streamlined, modern design. One of the most popular uses horizontal boards placed closely to form a non-traditional privacy fence that keeps people from seeing in, while safely containing children and pets.
  • Horizontal slat fence. This design uses narrow horizontal boards, with enough space between to let in light. Though it provides less privacy, it lets light shine in and offers a level of security.

The design possibilities don’t stop there. By choosing the height of your fence, the width and spacing of the boards, and the color, you can make fence your own.

You can individualize standard wooden fences in Manassas, VA, by choosing special types of hardware. Stainless steel is the norm, but what about black metal or bronze-colored fittings.

Select a distinctive gate that adds a personal note to your conventional fence. Because people enter and leave through the gate, its look has a big impact on their impression of your fence.

Choose funky, elegant, modern or vintage post caps. They quickly dress up a typical fence and give it a special look.

Add a personal note by adding flower boxes to your wooden fences in Manassas, VA. Plant bright flowers in them, like nasturtiums, geraniums or wildflowers. All through the spring, summer, and fall, they add an eye-catching splash of color to an everyday fence.

#2. Wood Is Affordable

Wood is one of the most cost-effective fencing materials you can choose. Typically wooden fences in Manassas, VA, last for 10 to 20 years or longer, as long as they are well cared for. Compared to other materials, the upfront cost of building a wood fence is affordable.

The cost of maintenance is low. As a rule, it means scrubbing the wood every year to get off dirt, moss, and mildew to help prevent decay. Then every two or three years, the fence needs an application of sealant or stain to prevent damage from moisture and insects.

You can buy wooden fences in Manassas, VA, to fit your budget. If you’re very cost conscious, choose pressure-treated pine. This wood lasts for many years and keeps its good looks throughout. In the middle of the cost spectrum is cedar. This is a very durable choice, with natural properties that resist moisture damage, insects and rot.

A high-cost choice is one of the exotic South American hardwoods from sustainable forests, like Brazilian ipe, mahogany, and teak. These have a beautiful grain, look elegant and last for years.

Because wooden fences in Manassas, VA, are so easy to fit into a pre-existing architectural style or landscape design, it is a very cost-effective choice. You can keep what you already have, simply enhancing it with the addition of a wood fence.

#3. Wood Lasts and Lasts

Wooden fences in Manassas, VA, last for one or two decades on average, though longer if well maintained. Considering most of the cost is upfront, you get an excellent long-term return on your initial investment.

Maintenance is minimal, and the cost is low. Basically you need to pay for scrubbers, wood cleaners, sealant, and stain. Homeowners can do the work themselves, saving even more money. Even if you hire a contractor to help with upkeep, the job goes fairly quickly, so the overall cost is not high.

#4. Wood Adds Value to Your Home

When realtors compile Top 10 lists of features that homebuyers want, an attractive fence is high on the list. Buyers look for fences that add beauty to the property, are low maintenance, and will last for years.

Wooden fences in Manassas, VA, fit this description. Wood has classic good looks, nothing artificial about it. Since it is a natural material, it fits in seamlessly with all types of landscaping designs. Wood fences can blend into the overall design or be a focal point. They can divide a yard into zones of use, like gardening, playing, relaxing and socializing.

A wood fence is adaptable, able to blend in with many types of architectural styles and exterior decors. It can be stained an earthy shade or painted in bright colors. You can paint the fence the same shade as the house, or add a contrast by painting it the color the home’s trim.

#5. Wood Is Environmentally Friendly

Wood is a product of the earth and an ecologically friendly choice for concerned homeowners. With so much worry about climate change and damage to the environment, choosing a truly green building material is the smart thing to do.

Modern sealants, preservatives, and stabilizers that are used to treat wood making it last longer and resist damage have also become much more environmentally friendly. Due to advances in science, these treatments do not harm the soil or air. At the same time, they reduce swelling in wood and stop rot. The result is a better-looking fence that lasts for many years, all without harming the ecology.

Hal Co, the Master Wooden Fence Builders

Hal Co has been building beautiful wooden fences in Manassas, VA, since 1981. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for excellent customer service. From designer to builder, each team member listens to what the customer wants, his concerns and his preferences. The result is a fence that reflects the desires of the owner, lasts for years, and adds beauty to the property.

Known for the high quality of its craftsmanship, Hal Co also has also earned a name for the creativity of its designs. The fences it builds add curb appeal, attract attention and blend in with the landscape and the overall look of the home. Every Hal Co fence is practical, pleasing to the eye, and an asset to the homeowner.

Family owned and operated, the company is proud of its hometown attitude. Customer satisfaction is priority #1. The crews are friendly, happy to answer questions, and dependable. When the job is finished, they clean up the work site, leaving you to enjoy your new fence.

Hal Co handles a variety of outdoor projects for homes and businesses, including:

  • Wooden fences
  • PVC vinyl fences
  • Composite fences
  • Ornamental and steel fences
  • Chain link fences
  • Commercial fences for kennels, special events, athletic fields, access control, perimeter fencing, and safety and security fencing
  • Wood and composite decks
  • Screened porches
  • Roofing
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Design work

For a free, no-obligation quote for wooden fences in Manassas, VA, call the pros at Hal Co Fence today.

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