The Many Ways to use Ornamental Fences in South Riding, VA

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An Overview of How Ornamental Fences Add Funtionality to Properties in South Riding, VA

There are numerous ways to use ornamental fencing in South Riding, VA. They are the perfect choice to ensure privacy, to mark property boundaries, as a security tool and to add a decorative touch to a home or business.

Hal Co is a reputable fence contractor serving South Riding, VA residents for over three decades. We offer:

  • Quality design, selection, installation and related services for fences in South Riding, VA following the highest safety procedures and industry standards.
  • We evaluate your ornamental fence project site and criteria to develop a comprehensive custom-installation plan to meet your requirements.
  • Personalized customer service before, during and after installing ornamental fences in South Riding, VA to minimize your disruption and maximize your comfort.

Great Ideas for Using Ornamental Fences for Residential and Commercial Properties in South Riding, VA

The experts at Hal Co Fence and Deck install ornamental fences around swimming pools, in industrial and commercial settings and around residences.

Here is an overview of how ornamental fencing in South Riding, VA can be used to add value and functionality to all types of property.


About three-fourths of the requests for ornamental fences come from homeowners. One of the most popular designs for the front yard uses spaced pickets that let people see in while still securing the property. This means people can show off their landscaping while still marking their boundaries.

As a rule, ornamental fencing around homes use pickets that are narrowly spaced so children can’t slip through. They are available in a number of colors, though black is traditional. White and bronze are also common. It is becoming popular to choose the color of the fence to harmonize with the home.

Because of their good looks and strength, ornamental fences are common around swimming pools. They keep children and pets out, but let homeowners see in. The moisture from the pool does not affect the metal in quality ornamental fences.


Ornamental fences in South Riding, VA have long been used around golf courses, shopping centers, parks and apartment complexes. It is a functional choice because it comes in a wide range of strengths, thicknesses, and heights.

Most commercial uses require taller, thicker and stronger choices than is necessary for residences. Especially in busy areas, people have a tendency to lean against the fencing. It must be secure enough to withstand the weight.

Ornamental fencing is a good choice when an area needs protection. Whether it is an embassy, a corporate headquarters or a factory, the fence provides an effective barrier from intruders. Steel is the usual choice for high security while aluminum works well for low- to medium-security areas.

Tall ornamental fences deter people from trying to climb them and by restricting the view on the other side. Ornamental fences with solid gates are excellent ways to protect entryways.

Experts in Fence Installation

Hal Co Fence and Deck has been family owned and operated for over 33 years. The company proudly serves the home and business community with a range of services that help to enhance the outdoors.

The company is known for expert installation and craftsmanship, competitive prices, customer service, and quality materials. It does more than just ornamental fences in South Riding, VA. Hal Co services include:

  • Decks from wood and composite
  • Roofing
  • Screened porticos
  • Screened porches
  • Fences of wood, composite, chain link and steel

Locally owned and operated, Hal Co prides itself on listening to the needs of its customers, providing quality installations at prices that are affordable and meeting the highest standards for materials and workmanship.

About Hal Co

We are a family-owned and operated fence contractor with a hometown attitude with a 33-year history of satisfied and happy customers throughout Northern Virginia. At Hal Co, we are there for you from planning and design and after cleanup to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Find out why so many of your friends, neighbors and colleagues choose HAL Co to design and install ornamental fences in South Riding, VA. We have the skills, experience, and creative ideas you need to secure and protect your home. And that means peace of mind for you. Call Hal Co to discuss ornamental fences today.

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