When to Choose Vinyl Fence Repair Over Replacement for Reston, VA Homes

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Hal Co Fence Offers Vinyl Fence Repair and Other Services in Reston, VA

Do you have a vinyl fence on your property that’s seen better days? Sooner or later it’s bound to happen. The particular event that caused the damage doesn’t really matter. Whether it’s an accident, an act of vandalism, storm damage, or the simple passage of time, the result is the same. Eventually, you’re going to find yourself in need of vinyl fence repair on your Reston, VA property.

Hal Co is a reputable fence contractor serving Reston, VA residents for over 30 years. We offer:

  • Quality design, selection, installation and related services for your fence in Reston, VA following the highest safety procedures and industry standards.
  • In partnership, we will evaluate your fence project requirements and develop a comprehensive installation plan.
  • Personalized customer service before, during and after installing your fence in Reston, VA to minimize your disruption and maximize your comfort.

When that day inevitably arrives, you’ve got two choices: You can either see to the repairs yourself, or you can outsource the duty. If you’re a reasonably experienced do it yourselfer, you’re probably up to the task of handling the repairs yourself, but there’s a catch. Even if your fence is only moderately damaged, the repair is likely to take a lot longer than you think it will, and it’s absolutely backbreaking work.

Who wants to spend a weekend doing that kind of hard labor, or worse, taking one of your hard-earned vacation days to get it done? Fortunately, there’s a better solution. As the area’s premier fencing, decking and porch company, nobody knows more about vinyl fence repair in Reston, VA than we do.

If you decide to call in the cavalry, the first thing we’ll do is come out to assess the scope and severity of the damage. In general, if the damaged sections of fence are still 70% intact, repair is a viable possibility. More than that and replacement becomes an increasingly attractive option.

The good news on that front is that vinyl fencing is very common, so there’s a lot of it, which means it will be easy to closely match the color and style of your fence to replace any damaged sections.

As vinyl ages, it tends to become brittle, which makes it much more prone to cracking. If you have sections of fencing that are sagging, the likeliest culprit is the fence posts to either side of the sagging section. As they become damaged, they’re less able to support the weight of the fence itself.

Again, we won’t know what to recommend until we’ve had a chance to see the damage firsthand, but whatever we find, we’ll give you our professional recommendation, along with a free, no-obligation estimate so you’ll have a firm grasp of what it will take to put the problem behind you.

The vast majority of the time, we’ll be able to complete the vinyl fence repair on your Reston, VA property and restore your fence to its former glory for a fraction of what it would cost you to have the old fence torn out and have a new one installed in its place.

Still, some of the customers we work with choose to view the damage to their old fence as an opportunity to upgrade. If that’s your preference, we’ll be more than happy to work with you to install a new fence. If you like, we can even create a custom fence for you.

Understand that a custom fencing job is a significantly bigger project than simple vinyl fence repair on your Reston, VA property, and we’ll need to work closely with you to make sure we understand your vision so that what we build for you is exactly what you had in mind.

If you know you want something custom but you’re a little hazy on the details, we encourage you to spend some time browsing the extensive collection of photos we keep elsewhere on the site. Not only will that give you a chance to see the quality of the work our talented craftsmen are capable of, but it’s also guaranteed to give you a number of great ideas for your own custom project.

Once you’ve got a clear vision in your mind, we’ll sit down with you to capture all the details. Using those, we’ll create a detailed project plan. Once that’s done, we’ll give you the project plan for final review, and, just as we mentioned when we were talking about vinyl fence repairs on your Reston, VA property, we’ll also provide a free estimate. Assuming you’re comfortable with everything, we’ll turn your custom fencing dreams into a reality.

Of course, we do a lot more than just repair old fences and install new ones. Do you have a porch that’s rickety and long overdue for some TLC? We can work our magic on that too, restoring it to like-new condition for a fraction of what it would cost you to have a brand new porch built.

If you don’t have a porch, but it’s something you’ve always wanted, our craftsmen are up to that challenge as well. Like a custom fence job, a custom porch is a big project, and there are some fairly specific details we’ll need to get from you. Things like:

  • How big do you want the porch to be?
  • Do you want us to build a front porch? Back porch? Side porch? One that wraps part way around your house? If you want a wrap-around porch, how far should it extend?
  • Do you want an extra wide porch, so you’ve got plenty of room for a porch swing and other outdoor furniture?
  • What material should it be made out of? Do you have a particular species of wood in mind, or would you prefer some type of composite material?
  • Will you need steps? If so, where should they be placed, and what should they look like?
  • Do you want a safety rail? If so, what should it look like?

Once we capture those kinds of details from you, we’ll be able to create a project plan and proceed as we outlined above when talking about custom fencing. We can even screen your existing porch in or build you a new screened porch if that’s what your heart desires.

One of the big reasons for the rise in the popularity of screened porches is that they’re a fantastic way to enjoy the natural beauty of our area without having to worry about all the bugs. If your porch is big enough to accommodate a picnic table, screening it in will allow you and your family to dine outdoors without having to shoo away any pests that might want some of whatever food you’re serving!

In addition to porches, we can also restore aging decks or build you a custom deck if you prefer. As with custom porches, there are a number of highly specific questions we’ll need to ask in order to fully capture your vision. Where custom decks are concerned, the questions will be things like:

  • How big is your dream deck?
  • How do you access it from inside your house, and how do you access your yard from the deck?
  • Is your dream deck all on one level or, because of the lay of your land, do you need a multi-level deck that gradually steps down into your yard?
  • Do you need steps? If so, what should they look like?
  • Do you need safety rails? If so, what do those look like?
  • What material do you envision your dream deck being made of? As with porches, broadly speaking, you can choose pressure-treated lumber or some type of composite material.
  • Do you want any fun extras like hidden storage compartments or built-in seating?
  • Do you envision having one big, open, undefined space, or do you want your deck designed with several distinctly defined areas: One for eating, another for grilling, maybe space for a hot tub or wet bar – things like that.

Once we’ve gathered those details from you, our process will proceed more or less as we outlined above.

Basically then, you can consider us to be your one-stop shop where your property’s outdoor spaces are concerned. If you can dream it, we can build it!

If you’re like many people, you’ve got a long list of improvements you’d like to make to your property. When you’re ready to stop dreaming and start doing, we’re just a phone call away. Since the day we first opened our doors, we’ve built our reputation by exceeding the expectations of every customer we serve, and we’d love the opportunity to impress you.

Give our office a call today and let’s build something amazing together!

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