Wood Deck Repair in Reston, VA; Everything You Need To Know

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Prevent Accidents at Homes in Reston, VA with Wood Deck Repair

You may have inadvertently been ignoring the maintenance of your deck and require wood deck repair in Reston, VA. Imagine this scenario; it is a warm, perfect summer day, and you feel that it is the ideal time to entertain your family and friends. You set up the outdoor grill, and the guests begin trooping in. When everyone starts having fun, and everything seems to be going well, the deck collapses. Fortunately, no one gets hurt, but you realize that the situation may have been adversely different. While we may have described the worst-case scenario, it is something that has happened to some people. Yet, you can prevent the situation from occurring by taking the right steps to maintain your deck well. We will look at everything you need to know about wood deck repair in Reston, VA, in more detail below.

Why Are Wooden Decks So Popular?

Wood decks are trendy because of their aesthetic appeal. They blend in well with most decors and can give you long-term usage. The right contractor should be able to advise you on the best type of material so that you get durability at a low cost. Ensure that you take the time to maintain your deck well; otherwise, you may run into problems.

What Does Deck Maintenance and Repair Entail?

Incorporate the following into your maintenance and repair routine.

  • Inspect the deck regularly. Watch out for rotten, warping, splinters or nails that may be popping out. If you notice any of the above, it may be time to undertake wood deck repair in Reston, VA.
  • If you notice anything that needs repairing, take on the job immediately. Things such as rotting may spread, which can end up being very expensive for you. Do not do the job yourself; if you don’t have the relevant experience, hire a contractor to handle the situation appropriately.
  • Take the time to clean your deck routinely. Avoid using harsh chemicals because it will have an impact on the paint and stains. There are mild detergents available in the market, which are suitable for such jobs. To remove mildew, a combination of bleach and water will do the trick. Expose your deck to the sun so that it remains dry.
  • Take the necessary steps to prevent any future issues. Such include sealing and painting to prevent moisture from accessing the wood. Vanish and shellac provides an attractive finish, but cannot withstand moisture or the effects of the sun. You will have to keep repeating the job because of the peeling. Let your contractor advice on the best type of preventive measures that you can take.

When to Call in the Professionals for Wood Deck Repair in Reston, VA

You may find that some of the repairs are things you can easily handle on your own. With proper maintenance, your wood deck can give you long term usage. If you do not, you will end up spending tons of cash in repairs and replacements, some common problems you may notice include:-

  • Deck Discoloration

Deck discoloration may be as a result of exposure to the elements. Being outdoors, rain, snow, and the sun will impact the material. The UV light from the sun will break down the lignin and surface fibers, thereby causing surface erosion and graying. Mildew from the moisture: if you live in humid or damp climates, the weather will adversely affect wood surfaces. It will eventually lead to discoloration, thereby making your deck lose its aesthetic appeal.

  • Broken boards

Over time, moisture and foot traffic will have an impact on the wood. It will become weak and may eventually crack and break. You should not ignore this problem because it would be potentially dangerous for anyone who is working on the deck. You want to carry out the repairs as soon as possible so that you save the cost and headache of replacing the whole board. Let the contractors handle this part of wood deck repair in Reston, VA.

  • Rotting

Because of the wood material, you may experience some rotting, especially if you do not do the painting and sealing well. Fungus and bacteria are the main culprits, and it could damage the entire structure of the deck. Pressure-treated lumber may resist rotting for some time, but you cannot guarantee 100% that it will not eventually start to do so. Take due note and action; immediately when you notice any signs of rottenness.

Ensure the decking posts are not rotting because they support the beam, and it could bring down your whole structure. The signs of rotting may not always be visible, which is why you need someone who has the experience and knows what to look out for. If the rotting has spread on your deck, the contractor may advise that you replace everything to prevent further damage. Do your part by ensuring that your floor remains dry and clean every time. Dirt or leaves between the boards may capture moisture and lead to rotting.

  • Damage From Termites

Termites naturally gravitate towards any wooden structures, and the damage they cause can be terrible. The termites will build their homes within the wood, which will weaken the whole structure. Watch out for signs of termites and call the pest control immediately. Once the exterminators have taken care of the termite issue, you may need to replace the beams and boards.

  • Slippery Decks

Slippery decks are a result of not cleaning on your part. When you get mildew or mold due to moisture, it will make the surface more like an ice rink than a wood surface. Ensure you clean your deck routinely, and combine the use of non-slip paint.

  • Loose Stairs

Stairs take a lot of pounding from people who are going up and down your deck. Over time, the wood may crack, or the steps may become loose. Take the time to anchor them properly as part of the routine maintenance. Your contractor will advise on the type of repairs you need to do, including replacing the stairs, tightening the screws, or including metal brackets to give additional support.

  • Nails That Are Popping Out

It is not uncommon to find nails popping out due to warping or the effects of the contraction and expansion due to weather. When people walk over the deck repeatedly, it will also result in the dislodging of some of the nails. Such a small item can cause untold damage and harm to anyone who is using the deck. Someone could trip or step on the nail causing bodily harm. Take the time to repair any such nails by simply hammering them back into position.

  • Sealing and Staining

Wood deck repair in Reston, VA, will incorporate occasional staining and sealing to lock out the moisture. As we have highlighted above, wood is susceptible to rotting, and that is why many people feel that maintaining it can be difficult. Yet, it requires that you pay close attention to areas where the stain and paint may be peeling off. You will then sand it down and apply a fresh coat of paint and sealant. Get the right material and pay attention to the necessary steps to ensure that your wood deck remains dry at all times. Your contractor will advise on the correct type of stain so that it stays longer.

Call Us for Your Wood Deck Repair in Reston, VA

Undertaking wood repair in Reston, VA, is a job that requires the right knowledge and tools to handle the tasks. At Hal Co, we have the relevant expertise to handle any deck repairs or installation services. We work with suppliers who give us top quality products so that our clients get good value for their money. While we do not discount the fact that you can handle some of the wood deck repairs, some of the larger jobs require specific expertise. That is what you will get when you call us in for your deck repairs. We will carry out a thorough inspection, and only then will we give you our recommendation on how to restore your network to its original pristine condition. Our team is at hand to serve you at your convenience.

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