The Importance of Wood Deck Repair in South Riding, VA

Common Wood Deck Repair for Homes in South Riding, VA

Irrespective of what time of year it is, your wood deck is exposed to various conditions such as wind, snow, the hot sun, downpours, and continuous rain, soaking the wood. This is a constant process throughout the year, and it repeats year after year. Being exposed to such conditions can quickly wear down your wood deck and can lead to repair works. Sometimes, if it is in too bad condition, you may even have to tear it down and build a new deck. In general, if the damages are too costly to repair, it is more cost-effective to replace the entire deck.

For enjoying the advantages of having a wood deck at your home, the homeowners need to keep it clean and tidy. Remember that throughout its lifetime, a wood deck is susceptible to different types of damages. Some of the common problems associated with wood decks are listed below.

Water Damage – As the wood deck at your home soaks up a lot of water throughout the years, water damage to the boards is obvious. If your wood deck is not appropriately protected, there is no doubt that it will rot, and you will have to spend more money for wood deck repair in South Riding, VA. In such cases, you will have to replace the spoiled decking boards. Another thing that can cause damage to your wood deck is leaving large flower pots on your deck in the same place for several months. This can cause the decking boards underneath the flower pots to crack, and they will start to rot. So always make sure you shift your flower pots position once in a while if you prefer to keep them on your wood deck. Better still, put the flower pots away before the winter season settle in South Riding, VA, so that you can avoid costly wood deck repairs.

Applying sealants to your wood deck is also important to protect them from water damage in harsh weather. To know whether it’s time to reapply the sealants on your wood deck, simply sprinkle water onto it. If the water doesn’t bead up and seeps into the wood, you can make sure it is time to reapply sealants to your wood decks.

Fading Deck Color— This is also a common issue faced by wood deck owners. Keep in mind that it is natural for your wood deck to fade in color over time. However, you can restore some of its original colors by applying various wood cleaners available on the market. Sometimes, a good power wash can also help remove the gray coloring. Once cleaned thoroughly, reseal and stain the deck to bring out the grain of the wood so that your wood deck looks clean and beautiful.

How to Choose the Best Wood Deck Contractor in South Riding, VA?

The best way to choose a wood deck contractor is by word of mouth. Ask your friends, neighbors, and co-workers for good recommendations. Make sure to ask people who have already used the services of the deck contractor they are recommending, or they know someone who has. Nothing can beat good reviews from past clients as far as selecting a competent wood deck contractor in South Riding, VA, is concerned. Be sure to ask relevant and important questions when you ask for recommendations to people such as:

  • Did they provide a free estimate?
  • Was the contractor easy to work with?
  • Did they stay within the estimated cost, and if not, did they explain why the difference occurred?
  • Was the project started on time and completed within the agreed time frame? If not, why?
  • Was the company crew respectful towards you and your family? Did they make sure to clean up after themselves every day after the job?
  • Was the contractor flexible with any changes you made and ready to adjust the costs?
  • Would they hire the same deck contractor again?

Once you get a few recommendations, check to see if the deck contractor has a website. If they have, look for reviews from other customers on their website. You can also go and personally inspect some of the decks they have built in your neighborhood.

Once you are satisfied with their working style and reviews, make sure to call a selected few of them and ask them questions like below before setting up an appointment with them.

  • Ask about who takes care of getting the permits.
  • Ask who interacts with the public utilities to have the underground lines marked.
  • Enquire when they can start the work and how long it will take to finish.
  • Also, enquire whether they are licensed and insured.
  • Ask for referrals, and if possible, visit a site they are currently working on.

Once the telephonic conversation is over, and you are satisfied with them, ask them to come over to your property so that you can discuss details such as does the estimate include all particulars? Are there any hidden costs? Does it include all the materials and quantities needed for your particular deck? Also, check whether the estimate includes the start and finish time of the work. Once you have selected the contractor, start the wood deck repair as soon as possible.

If it’s been a long time since you have used a wood deck at your home, it might be time for some wood deck repair in South Riding, VA. It might not be hard for you to find the reason behind this. Any material made of wood, if subjected to harsh weather, will inevitably be damaged over time. Remember, your deck is exposed to the elements year after year.

Why Should You Hire Us for Your Wood Deck Repair in South Riding, VA?

If you are thinking of adding a new wood deck to your home in South Riding, VA, you might want to hire a professional deck contractor such as the Hal Co Fence team. No doubt, adding a new deck to your home can significantly improve its value. However, this is true only if the wood deck installation is done right. It is not a simple job to do-it-yourself. There are various factors involved in building a robust and durable deck that will last for many years. So, hiring a deck contractor is your best bet to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Building codes of a deck can be a little tricky unless you are a skilled deck contractor with many years of experience. These codes need to be built correctly to ensure your deck is safe to use for you and your family. You surely don’t want to do this on your own and find it collapsing because you weren’t quite sure of what you were doing. You can eliminate such risks if you choose a deck contractor to build it for you. With skilled professionals like us, you can always be sure that the work will be of superior quality.

Also, remember that building a deck from scratch is a back-breaking experience if you don’t have the necessary skill and expertise in the task. As it involves a lot of physical labor, you can’t do it without someone else’s help. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of heavy materials needed for the job, and if you do not have parking space near the deck site, you will have to carry all the stuff by hand for quite a distance. You will need a truck to haul the materials to your home or borrow one from someone if you don’t own one.

On the other hand, if you hire a professional deck contractor like Hal Co Fence, we have men who are skilled at building codes and will also deliver the necessary materials to your home. It will only take us a couple of days to finish your entire deck installation while you can work on something much more manageable. We also undertake wood deck repair in South Riding, VA. So, whatever your decking needs may be, call us today to get a no-obligation estimate for the installation of your new deck, including the material charges.

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