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Complete Wood Fence Repair in Leesburg, VA Improves Appearance

As a family-owned company, HAL CO FENCE developed its services based on what the families in our communities tell us they want for their homes and other properties. That is why we now offer Trex Composite Decks using 95 percent recycled material and, unlike some other fence companies, a complete, wood fence repair service for our Leesburg, VA customers.

We understand that an entire fence does not rot away at the same time. Gates tend to wear out faster than a fence panel. A side that has more exposure to wind, weather and the sun fades and breaks down faster than the rest of it. Dogs have their favorite posts to use like a fire hydrant, and there is always a neighbor who forgot to shift into reverse and knocks down everything in his path before he can hit the brakes.

Hal Co is a reputable fence contractor serving Leesburg, VA residents for over 30 years. We offer:

  • Quality design, selection, installation and related services for your fence in Leesburg, VA following the highest safety procedures and industry standards.
  • In partnership, we will evaluate your fence project requirements and develop a comprehensive installation plan.
  • Personalized customer service before, during and after installing your fence in Leesburg, VA to minimize your disruption and maximize your comfort.

When it comes to repairing fence gates, homeowners can perform some adjustments themselves. Screws work themselves loose over time, so a couple of minutes with a screwdriver can take care of the problem if the owner catches it quickly.

Once a gate is allowed to hang loose for too long, the screws begin to tear at the holes and make the situation worse. To fix the problem, our technicians remove the gate and plug the original holes with wood glue and small sections of dowel. After everything dries, they drill new holes and then use longer screws to ensure the gates hang better than before.

Before replacing the gate, however, a crew member examines the hinges to see if they have bent out of shape due to hanging loosely. In some cases, the weight of the gate itself can cause the hinges to warp out-of-shape and pull away from the gate post. If we have to replace hinges or screws, our repair crews only use galvanized, steel hardware. It resists the effects of weather and is stronger than most other metal hinges.

To provide extra strength to keep a heavy gate in the correct shape, crew members insert a screw eye into the gate’s upper corner on the hinge side. Then, they insert a screw eye into the lower corner on the gate side and run a heavy-duty wire through both of them, connected with a turnbuckle treated for outdoor use. A crew member then tightens the turnbuckle to correctly square the frame of the wood gate.

HAL CO FENCE has over 30 years of experience when it comes to keeping customers happy. We know that sometimes there is simply not enough in the monthly budget to replace an entire fence or even one complete side. We are more than pleased to help a Leesburg, VA customer out with a wood fence repair by replacing one section at a time if needed.

Fence sections can rot or be damaged by storms or accidents. If a majority of the rails or boards are affected, then replacing the entire section is needed to keep a consistent appearance for the entire piece.

HAL CO crews begin by cutting a 2×4 rail to fit across the top of the posts that border either side of the section needing replacement. Since there is always some variation in distance when installing posts, our crew members carefully measure every rail and never cut only ten, fifteen, or twenty-foot sections for repairs.

Next, they do the same for the bottom rail. Here, they cut the 2×4 to fit exactly between the posts at a height of 1 to 12 inches above the ground. Using a level, technicians carefully nail them to each post. For both rails, HAL CO crews only use galvanized nails treated to resist weather and do not corrode.

With the rails and posts forming the frame, we next attach the fence boards. If the posts were installed on level ground, the boards can all be cut to the same length. If the ground rises or drops between the posts, then we measure each board individually to ensure a uniform, level appearance at the top of the fence. Using a level throughout, technicians nail up the boards, one at a time, carefully placing each next to the previous one to ensure they either fit snugly or are all placed so that the same gap distance is maintained in a uniform fashion across the entire section. Again, they use only galvanized nails for attaching the fence boards.

HAL CO FENCE continues to grow in the Northern Virginia and D.C. area thanks to customers satisfied with our wood fence repairs and other services for Leesburg, VA homes. Fixing a damaged or wobbly fence post is a very common problem for any homeowner with a wood fence. There are two methods for fixing fence posts.

The quick, and cheaper, method is to ‘stake’ a post. This method is one HAL CO FENCE does not use, but a homeowner can use it as a stopgap before digging out and replacing the fence post. The first step is to select two 2x4s long enough to go below the frost line and also extend 18 inches above the ground. Scrap wood is not an option; pressure-treated lumber will not start to rot within a few weeks.

Cut a bevel onto one end of each 2×4 and drive them into the ground on opposite sides of the affected post. Drill two holes through the 2x4s and the post and then bolt all three together using galvanized carriage bolts.

For a permanent fix to the problem, our specialists dig out the post and hold it in place with temporary braces. They pour in concrete to fill the hole and agitate it periodically to eliminate air bubbles and pockets. So this permanent fix sheds water away from the post, crew members mound some of the concrete up around the base of the post.

Every Leesburg, VA home that needs their wood fence repaired can depend on HAL CO FENCE crews. Once on the job, they complete the task. If repairs take more than one day to finish, they clean up at the end of the day, so the homeowner does not have to deal with the mess of a construction site on his property.

Repairing fence rails depends on how bad the damage is for each section of rail. If the damage is more than minor, we recommend replacing the rail to ensure the structural integrity and overall appearance of the fence. If the customer still prefers repair, our technicians can use 2x4s or galvanized steel T-Braces. The choice depends on the severity of the damage and the customer’s preference.

If using a 2×4, they examine the affected sections for rot. If there is any present, they cover the area and the 2×4 with a wood preservative to prevent the rot from spreading further. Then technicians fit the 2×4 under the rail to support it and nail it in place using galvanized nails. To keep out moisture, they thoroughly caulk the top and sides of the repair work.

If the customer chooses T-Braces, we check and relevel the rail. Then, crew members drill holes into the rail and the post supporting it. Using galvanized screws, they secure the T-Braces to the rail and post. Next, they caulk over the entire joint, smoothing the surface. Finally, they paint the T-Braces to match the color of the fence.

Customers can also depend on us for so much more. When repairs are needed, many homeowners also take the opportunity to upgrade. As an example, if a gate needs replacing, they may decide to switch out the original design and size with a different model and move fence posts farther out to accommodate it. HAL CO FENCE can install any gate and with our design team, can work with customers to create a custom gate that adds to the value of the home and the curb appeal as well.

If you need to repair the old, wood fence on your Leesburg, VA property, or install a new one, contact HAL CO FENCE today. Call 703-794-9800 or 1-888-FENCEMAN if you have any questions or want to set up an inspection and estimate.

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