Why Wooden Decks are a Popular Choice for Ashburn, VA Homeowners

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Different Types and Benefits of Wooden Decks in Ashburn, VA

In Aldie, VA, wooden decks are the choice of homeowners who love the natural beauty they add to a home. Red cedar and pressure-treated pine, the most common materials for decking, are both strong and attractive.

Why Choose Wooden Decks

In Ashburn, VA, wooden decks are a popular choice among homeowners who like a rustic, natural look. These decks, when properly designed and constructed, last for years and stand up to heavy use.

The two most common materials for wooden decks in Ashburn, VA, are red cedar and pressure-treated pine. Both are durable, attractive and affordable.

Red cedar, harvested in the Pacific Northwest, is naturally resistant to moisture damage and insects. It stands up well in all types of weather, including rain, cold, sun and high temperatures.

Red cedar is a low-density wood that resists shrinkage. Contractors like the fact that fastenings stay connected, the planks lay out flat, and the wood stays straight. It is light, even though it is a hardwood, and it lends itself to cutting and shaping.

Pressure-treated pine has been through a process that forces a set of preservatives into the wood. These chemicals help it resist damage. In appearance, it looks like other hardwoods and is easily adaptable to a variety of styles and sizes.

It is preferred by contractors for projects that involve ground contact, including burying the wood in the ground.

Benefits of Wooden Decks

The two biggest reasons homeowners cite for choosing wooden decks in Ashburn, VA, are great looks and lower upfront costs. Both materials, red cedar and pressure-treated pine, keep their beauty for years. For example, red cedar starts out with an attractive red-hued look that gradually fades to a silvery grey. The rustic, natural appearance fits in easily with the landscaping.

Wooden decks in Ashburn, VA, have an initial cost that is lower than composite decking, and they last for years. Red cedar has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years and pressure-treated pine can last for decades.

Both materials resist the harmful effects of insects and moisture. The process used on pressure-treated wood helps it resist fungus and mold growth, as well as termites and water damage.

Trust Professionals

The team at Hal Co has been building wooden decks in Ashburn, VA, for over 30 years. They have years of experience with decks, from design to construction, maintenance, and repair. They work closely with each client, making sure that the deck they end up with meets their preferences, budget and family requirements.

Hal Co has earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship and superior materials. The decks they build are solidly constructed and attractively designed. Hal Co offers competitive pricing and tackles all types of jobs, big and small.

Hal Co handles a wide range of commercial and residential outdoor projects, including:

  • Red cedar decks
  • Pressure-treated pine decks
  • Composite decks
  • Fences made from a wide range of materials like wood, PVC, chain link, steel and ornamental
  • Roofing
  • Screened porches
  • Porticos

Call Hal Co today for a free, no-obligation quote for wooden decks in Ashburn, VA.

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