How Wooden Decks Bring Functionality and Entertainment to Reston, VA

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Wooden Decks in Reston, VA Help Parents Keep an Eye on Children

In Reston, VA, wooden decks provide outdoor living space that adds functionality to a home all year round. Homeowners love the fact that they can entertain during the summer on their own deck. They can let children play close to the house, making it easy for adults to keep an eye on them while they go on with their own tasks indoors.

Decks Add Usable Living Space

In Reston, VA, wooden decks extend the interior living space to the outdoors. They are a comfortable spot to visit with neighbors and friends. It is simple to fire up the grill and provide dinner for a group of relatives or guests at a birthday party.

This extended living area increases a home’s value. Homebuyers list a deck as one of the top 10 features they look for. But they don’t want just any deck. It must be attractive, fit the proportions of the house and be durable. The right deck, professionally designed and constructed, can earn a return on investment of up to 72% according to experts.

Red Cedar: Practical and Beautiful

For many families, red cedar is the material of choice for wooden decks in Reston, VA. It has a rich, warm coloring that gradually fades over the years to an attractive silvery gray.

Red cedar is strong and durable. It has natural properties that help it resist damage from moisture, insects, and rot. This makes it an excellent material for areas with a variety of weather conditions, from rain and cold to sun and high temperatures.

Pressure-Treated Pine: Long Lasting and Strong

Pressure-treated pine lasts for decades. The process involved in the treatment pushes preservatives deep into the wood. It becomes impervious to moisture, even if it is buried in the ground. It also resists termites, fungus, and mold.

The wood looks like other hardwoods, and it lends itself to many designs and shapes.

Trust Professionals

The team at Hal Co has been building wooden decks in Reston, VA, for over 30 years. They know decks literally from the ground up. They take pride in helping families choose the best deck style and materials to match their budget, lifestyle, and family requirements.

Hal Co has earned a reputation for quality construction over the years. They choose superior materials and provide quality craftsmanship on every deck. They know that a deck is a major investment for a family. The decks they build last for years and provide an attractive backdrop for family activities.

Hal Co handles many outdoor projects for homes and businesses, including:

  • Red cedar decks
  • Pressure-treated pine decks
  • Composite decks
  • Roofing services
  • Screened porches
  • Porticos
  • Fences in a wide range of style and materials, including wood, composite, chain link, steel, ornamental and PVC

Call the professionals at Hal Co today for a free, no-obligation quote for wooden decks in Reston, VA.

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