8 Things to Consider Before Having a Wooden Fence Installed

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Whether you are building a new fence or replacing an existing fence, consider the following before starting your wooden fence installation for your Springfield, VA home. By following a few of these helpful tidbits, your wooden fence installation around your property in Springfield, VA will go much smoother.

  • What is the primary purpose for wanting a wooden fence installation for your home? Security for pets and children? Curb appeal? Increasing the value of your Springfield, VA home?
  • Are you trying to stay within a budget? Consider the overall cost of materials, installation cost and the cost to maintain your fence once it has been installed on your property in Springfield, VA.
  • What permits will you need? A professional fence installer typically gets whatever permits are needed for wooden fence installation. You will need to stay in compliance with HOA guidelines if you belong to one.
  • Do you know your precise property lines? If you are not exactly sure of your property lines in Springfield, VA, you might consider having your property surveyed before the wooden fence installation. This might save a lot of grief if you built out of your boundaries and would later have to tear it down and redo.
  • Call before you dig. Whenever you go digging on your property, be sure to contact Miss Utility to determine the location of underground utilities. For a directory of local utilities, call 811.
  • Consult with your neighbors. It is best to notify your neighbors in Springfield, VA of your intentions for a wooden fence installation. Otherwise, they might be offended and think they are the reason you want to install a fence. Unless it is, then you might just want to keep quiet. They will find out soon enough.
  • What type of gate would be most beneficial? Consider the size opening you will need for bringing in a lawn mower, garbage cans and possibly a vehicle.
  • What kind of latch for your gate? Do you want a one sided or two sided latch? Also, are you wanting to lock your gate for extra privacy and security?

Keeping these tidbits in mind, hopefully, will make your wooden fence installation at your home in Springfield, VA go a little smoother. If you have any questions, please call Hal Co Fence, the experts for all your fencing and decking needs.


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