Backyard Wooden Fence Ideas for Homes in Leesburg, VA

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The typical wooden fence has become the norm for a great number of American homes. Homeowners in Leesburg, VA are most likely seeking the most cost-effective fencing option available to them that will blend well into their home’s landscaping. There are many advantages of wooden fences, some which include—

  • A variety of styles you can pick from for your Leesburg, VA home
  • Easy Installation
  • Can Be Customized to the needs of your family in Leesburg, VA
  • Wooden fences are cost-effective
  • Homeowners in Leesburg, VA find wooden fences easy to stain
  • Blends in with surrounding landscape setting for your home in Leesburg, VA

Along with the advantages of a wooden fence, Leesburg, VA homeowners are finding creative ideas that can be incorporated with wooden fences such as—

  1. Privacy fencing can be a great backdrop for selected plants giving your yard in Leesburg, VA a dramatic appearance. Picket wooden fencing is a great way of protecting new plants or a garden area with just a few panels that can be used temporarily and then removed when no longer needed.
  2. Children’s rain boots that they have outgrown are great for hanging on your fence in the area where your children play and allow them to plant their favorite flowers and watch them grow.
  3. Hang bright colored birdhouses with a hook on your fence.
  4. Paint a mural on your fence.
  5. Hang painted-metallic flowers on your fence.
  6. Hang colorful flower pots from your wooden fence.
  7. Add built-in flower boxes to your fence.
  8. Add letters spelled out with your name or a catchy verse across one area of your wooden fence.
  9. Hang a couple of mason jars on decorative hooks from your fence and fill with sand and add candles that you can burn while enjoying your fenced in area.
  10. Take a plastic hanging shoe holder and add herbs and grow them from an area on your wooden fence.

These creative ideas will stand out close to a patio area that you are enclosing with a wooden fence for your yard at your Leesburg, VA home. Small wooden fenced in areas are great ways of hiding things such as your heating and air conditioning unit, a home generator, and trash cans. These areas can tie-in with the larger wooden fence surrounding the boundaries of your property or an enclosed yard.


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