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Now that you have decided that you want to install a fence at your Northern, VA home, you will have several decisions to make and one is – What type of material do you want to use in the fence installation?

Many homeowners like the prestige look of a wrought iron fence but do not want to go the extra

expenditure, so they are installing a black aluminum fence for their homes in Northern, VA. A black aluminum fence is a standard option for fencing around swimming pools, and these fences are used abundantly throughout gated communities all through Northern, VA.

There are many reasons you should consider a black aluminum fence for your new fencing project such as—

  1. Affordable— a black aluminum fence is less expensive in Nothern, VA than the traditional wrought iron. It is much more appealing to a homeowner’s budget.
  2. Rust Free— wrought iron fencing will rust whereas aluminum will not rust because it is a ferric metal which does not oxidize or rust.
  3. Maintenance— aluminum fencing does not need to be painted every couple of years because during the manufacturing process, it receives a number of protective coatings and includes a powder paint coating.
  4. Rackable— this means the fence adjusts to the slope of your property so there will be fewer gaps or unsightly holes at the base of the fence.
  5. Appearance— usedfor some practical reasons such as security and containment, a black aluminum fence is exceptionally appealing to the eye making it one of the favorites in Northern, VA neighborhoods. With many different styles to choose from, it will most definitely complement any home in the Northern, VA area.
  6. Security— finial topped black aluminum fences are much harder for an intruder to breach, making it a better choice than certain styles of wooden and vinyl fencing.

Whatever type of fence installation you choose, you can’t beat the advantages of a black aluminum fence. Unlike wood fences, it will never rot, and termites can’t damage it either. It is also fire resistant.


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