How to Choose the Right Wood Fence in Springfield, VA

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Beautifully manicured lawns surrounded by a rustic wood fence are quite popular in the Springfield, VA area. A wood fence gives detail to a well-maintained and lush, green landscaped lawn. It sets lawns apart from neighboring Springfield, VA yards and serves as a marker as to where your property ends and your neighbors begin when it comes to mowing season.

Springfield, VA homeowners still prefer wood fences to keep their property private and safe. When choosing a wood fence, you should consider a few specific factors—

  • Function or purpose of your wood fence
  • The budget you have set aside for your wood fence project
  • The size of the total area of your property you want to fence in.
  • The architectural design of your Springfield, VA home.

Wood fences come in many versatile materials and designs. It is a cost-effective and somewhat low maintenance fencing for those who want to save on their investment of money and time. Your choice of the type of wood and style for your fence at your Springfield, Va home will, no doubt, depend mainly on your budget.

Once you have agreed to the function of your fence…confining small children and pets to a fenced in area, surrounding your property line, pasturing livestock, or fencing in a garden to keep out critters…you can now decide on which wood fence design is right for your particular purpose.

Wood Fence Designs

Picket Fences—The American Dream picket fences are still a tradition for many homes in Springfield, VA. Picket fences come in many different shapes and colors, although most still prefer the white Gothic style where each picket is in the shape of an arrow.

Privacy Fences—When you are looking for complete privacy and added security at your Springfield, VA home, consider a privacy fence. Vertical boards placed facing each other alternately on alternating sides, known as a shadow box fence is an excellent choice for privacy.

Lattice Fences—If you have a garden and want to keep out the critters but show off your garden to onlookers, a lattice fence is a good choice.

Hal Co Fence can help you with the layout, the selection of materials, the fence design and the installation of a new fence. Call today for a free estimate.


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