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People today still have the older generation way of thinking about their property. Protect what is yours by installing a fence. Many homeowners in Northern VA have done just that. A fence is a way of clearly defining your property, so it gives other people a clear view of what is yours.

Today’s new quality chain-link fence offers families the protection and security for their property, children and pets. Chain-link fencing is the number one selling fence in the world. It offers more variety, more value, and durability to protect your home.

More Variety

New product technology in chain-link fencing now gives homeowners more colors to choose from including green, brown and black. New framework and styles can improve the appearance of your property and home. By using wood posts and top rails, you can give a traditional chain-link fence a whole new image. Mixing and matching different types of fencing can also save you money. You can use other fencing such as wood or vinyl on the areas of the yard that can be seen from the street and chain-link fence in the back yard so you can reduce the cost while maintaining neighboring aesthetic standards in Northern VA.

More Value

Chain-link fences have been protecting children and pets in backyards and schoolyards in America for many years. It is by far the most economical, permanent residential fence system available today. With either metallic-coated or color-coated, chain-link fences come in many different colors and styles offering homeowners an appealing value and cost-effective solution for protecting their loved ones.


Chain-link fences are more versatile today than in the past. Vinyl or wooden slats can be inserted into chain-link fences giving homeowners the option to add color to the surrounding landscaping or to create more privacy for a pool or yard.


A chain-link fence is one of the most durable fences you can install. Chain-link fabric comes in a number of different diamond sizes. Usually, the smaller the diamond size, the stronger the fence. A residential chain-link fabric should be “knuckled” at the top and bottom of the fence to eliminate exposure to sharp edges.

Hal Co Fence is a family owned and operated business who has been serving the Northern VA and Washington Metropolitan area since 1981. We would be happy to discuss any plans you have about installing a chain-link fence or any other type of fence you might have in mind.


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