Tips for Hiring a Wood Fence Builder in Leesburg, VA

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If you have ever experienced installing a fence yourself and spending weekend after weekend all summer long to complete the install, you might want to consider hiring a wood fence builder for your new fence in Leesburg, VA. These certain tips may help you when hiring a wood fence builder in Leesburg, VA such as—

  • Multiple Estimates—When hiring any type of contractor, including a wood fence builder in the Leesburg, VA area, you should always get at least three different estimates. No doubt each wood fence builder in Leesburg, VA will give you an entirely different estimate varying in costs. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges. The difference in building materials, style, and coverage will change an estimate entirely, so make sure you are comparing the same amount of work and materials from each builder.
  • Permits and Utilities—Will the wood fence builder pull the permits? Do they call Miss Utility?
  • Materials—Make sure the wood fence builder includes in the estimate any associated hardware or gates that your project requires.
  • Warranty—What kind of warranty do they offer for both materials and labor?
  • Time Frame—Provided weather permits, how long should it take them to complete the job and when can they start?
  • Cleanup—Do they remove all leftover materials, trash and old fencing if one needs to be torn down?

To make things go a little smoother when your wood fence builder arrives to evaluate the project at your Leesburg, VA home, keep small pets inside. Check for any obstacles such as trees, rocks, or shrubbery that might be an issue and affect the installation cost of your fence for your Leesburg, VA home. Evaluate the layout of your land and the grading. If you have a fairly level lot, it shouldn’t be a problem, but if your lot slopes this will affect the fence installation and may be more costly.

Have in mind the type of fence you would like. Also, make sure you evaluate the access to the job site on your property in Leesburg, VA. If the fencing crew has to carry lumber up a hill or a far distance, this will drive up the cost of your installation.

Keeping these things in mind should make your experience with your potential wood fence builder go smoother.

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