How to Talk With Your Fence Builder in Northern Virginia

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You know sometimes as a consumer, you can fake it. We\’ve all done it.  Talking to your auto mechanic or the guy at Best Buy, you act like you know just what you\’re talking about. Never mind you\’re clueless.

Well, here is your complete guide to How to talk With Your Fence Builder In Northern Virginia. You\’ll know just what your talking about, which will make you look smart and feel more informed when you\’re making important decisions about investing your money in a high-quality fence.


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A Sample of Various Fence Installation Diagrams With Fence Builder Terms

AFA – The AFA is the American Fence Association. An AFA approved contractor is considered to have superior technical and fence installation experience, upholding strict honesty and responsibility standards.

BOCA:  The Building Officials and Code Administrators International Inc. manages the National Building Code.  . This nonprofit organization sets strict guidelines for code enforcement for the safety of outdoor, indoor, private, and public pool, hot tub, and spa environments.

Corner post: A post at the corner where two sections of fencing meet at a 90-degree angle.

\"\" End post: A post marking the end of a fence line, with holes on one side for attaching rails. End posts are called gate or terminal posts where the fence meets your house.

Finials: Decorative ornaments placed on top of a picket.

Galvanized: Typically refers to steel coated in zinc to prevent corrosion. Galvanized fasteners prevent rust stains on many fencing materials.


Gate post:
The post where a gate is attached with hinges or a latch.

Vertical height. The grade of the earth and the fence may not match. In a fence line the grade often changes, which requires important fence considerations and installation techniques.

Line post: A post located between terminal or end posts to provide fence line support.

Linear Feet: Any distance measured in a straight line between 2 points. Most fences are sold by the linear foot.

Picket (or baluster): A vertical fence element that attaches two or more rails. Pickets are manufactured from many materials,  most often in aluminum, vinyl, composite and wood fence materials.

\"\"Post cap: A cap that covers the top of a fence post. Post caps are decorative elements on many fences. They also provide protection for the fence posts from the elements.

Rail: A horizontal support element attached to  fence boards or pickets. Rail spacing is the distance between two rails.

Raking: An installation method of fencing with sections on sloping land with a mild grade.

Rings: Ornamental element placed between the top two horizontal rails.

Section: Refers to the slice of fence between two posts.



Scrolls: Decorative element inserted between pickets.


Stair stepping:
A method for installing a fence on any steeper grade, with sections set at regular height intervals creating a stair-step profile.

Terminal post: A load-bearing post supporting a fencing line. The terminal post can be a corner, end or gate post.


Wall Mount:
A substantial bracket used to anchor the terminal post to a house,   columns, or another footed structure.


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