How Porticos Benefit Homes in Northern, VA

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Are you tired of going up to your front door in the pouring down rain and digging for your keys while getting drenched in the rain? What about trying to dry your shoes on a soggy doormat? How is shaking out the umbrella working for you? Maybe it is time to think about adding a portico to your doorways at your Northern, VA home.

A portico is a covered entrance to a building, a roof that is supported by columns typically attached as a porch to a building. Porticos were first popular in Greek and Roman structures. There are many benefits to building porticos for Northern, VA homes including—

  • Appealing to the eye
  • Highlights a Northern, VA home’s entry point
  • Improves curb appeal
  • Adds value to homes in Northern, VA
  • Protects you, your family and visitors from the elements of the weather
  • Keeps dirt and mud from tracking into your home

Porticos can save Northern, VA homeowners money by protecting the front door. Ever notice how the sun fades hardwood floors, carpets and furniture because of the sun’s rays coming through a window for long periods of time? The same thing can happen to your front door. Periods of direct sunlight beating down on your front door can cause it to fade or even warp or crack because of the heat.

Not only do porticos offer cover from the weather, but it will also make your home in Northern, VA more inviting to visitors. With a new portico, you can set things out on your front porch or walkway that ordinarily you couldn’t because of the elements of the weather. So it not only protects family and visitors but items you would like to express yourself with sitting outside in your entryway.
With a new portico for your entryway, you can now decorate for the seasons, and the wreath you hang on your front door will now be well protected.

For ideas for your portico, call Hal Co Fence, and they can suggest what would work best for your scenario. The team at Hal Co Fence can come to your home in Northern, VA and draw up plans from your own ideas for a portico and give you a free and fair estimate of what they would charge for the materials and the installation.

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