Why You Should Consider a Vinyl Fence at Your Home in Northern, VA

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Before installing any type of fence at your Northern, VA home, you should consider looking around at different materials and styles before making your final decision. More and more homeowners are installing a vinyl fence because of the many distinct advantages it has over other types of materials including—

  1. A vinyl fence typically lasts longer than a wooden fence and is nearly five times stronger than wood. If properly cared for, an investment in a vinyl fence for your home in Northern, VA should last you a lifetime.
  2. Because most Northern, VA homeowners have busy lives, they do not want the added expense or time that is required to maintain a traditional wood fence. Vinyl fencing does not require painting. It retains its look. It is the same color throughout its material, so therefore it never needs to be refinished.
  3. By just cleaning your vinyl fence with a basic household cleaner and a water hose, your fence should maintain its newness.
  4. Never worry about the critters eating your fence away. Vinyl fencing is termite resistant, so you never have to worry that your fence will be a termite’s dinner.
  5. A vinyl fence does not decompose like a wood fence, and it is also rust free. It is built to last for years to come and maintain its original appearance.
  6. This type of material is flexible and doesn’t snap or break off as quickly as wood.
  7. Extremely low maintenance for busy Northern, VA homeowners.

Whereas vinyl fencing is a low maintenance and long-lasting product, there are a few disadvantages to having a vinyl fence installed on your Northern, VA property, but do they outweigh the advantages? See for yourself—

  1. Vinyl fencing is more expensive than other available fencing materials.
  2. It is harder to replace than other types of fencing should it become damaged.
  3. In extreme weather, some vinyl fencing may start to fade. With recent advances in technology, most of these concerns are not an issue.

Overall, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for a vinyl fence at your home in Northern, VA. Do your research in great length. Some manufacturers of vinyl fencing even offer lifetime warranties for homeowners in Northern, VA.

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