Preserving the Appearance of Your Wood Deck in Northern, VA

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Wood decks are a great investment to any home in Northern, VA, but without the proper maintenance, it can soon become an eyesore in your neighborhood. Wood decks are exposed to the elements year round in Northern, VA, so getting into a regular maintenance schedule is relevant to keep it looking great and preserving the appearance of your deck.

Simple Maintenance Schedule

  • Early Spring: Inspect and Repair Deck
  1. Check your deck for signs of rotting boards or cracks. Replace if needed.
  2. Check joists, posts, and beams and repair or replace any if necessary.
  3. Check your railing to see if any rails are loose or damaged and replace or repair as needed.


  • Late Spring: Wash Deck

Not washing your deck can cause it to mildew which can cause your wood deck to rot.

  1. Use a utility knife to remove the debris between decking boards.
  2. Thoroughly sweep your deck.
  3. Clean your deck, preferably on a cloudy day when your deck is cool, and the sun won’t evaporate the cleaner. Roll on the cleaner with a paint roller or use a garden sprayer, scrub clean with a stiff-bristled brush broom and allow it to soak according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse with clean water.
  4. Let dry for about two days.


  • Late Spring: Seal Deck

Clear sealer will let the wood’s natural grain and color show through.

Toner will add a bit of color but still reveals the grain and provides protection against sunlight.

Semi-transparent stain tints the wood but also lets the grain show through.

Solid stain and opaque color will seal weather damage and completely cover the grain.

  1. Choose a couple of days in Northern, VA, when you have moderate temperatures with clear skies.
  2. Lightly sand the deck to remove any furriness caused by washing.
  3. Replace any missing or popped nails or screws.
  4. Apply the sealer or stain.


  • Early Fall: Preventive Maintenance
  1. Trim trees and bushes near deck to prevent mold, moss, and rot.
  2. Keep leaves and other debris from piling up in the corners of your deck.
  3. Move planters, chairs, and tables frequently to prevent discoloring your deck. Keep your gutters and rainspouts in good working condition.

These simple tasks could save major repairs later. By keeping to a scheduled routine for preserving your deck in Northern, VA, it will ensure you that your wood deck is safe for your family and has a great appearance for entertaining at all times.

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