Wood Decks Capture Attention in Northern Virginia

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Wood decks are attractive to buyers in Northern Virginia because of the increased livable area outside of the home that is fully functional as additional living space. A wood deck is more affordable compared to other material options on the market today. A deck made with other materials such as PVC or composite decking can cost three to five times more that a wood deck. A wood deck is also a great investment which will be recouped if you ever decide to sell your Northern Virginia home.

A wood deck offers an array of optional deck sizes, shapes, and designs including:

  • Diagonal decking is a technique of installing decking at a 45-degree angle across the joists.
  • Herringbone decking is a zipper pattern that involves the intersection of two opposing diagonal decking patterns that combine in the center of the deck giving it the appearance of a zipper.
  • Horizontal decking involves laying decking boards parallel to the house over the joists.
  • Decking inlay is an artistic way to add a little finesse to your wooden deck. By using a combination of contrasting colors using different stains or paint and varied angles and shapes you can make a statement and draw attention to your deck to be the envy of your neighborhood in Northern Virginia. Curved designs, octagons, stars, or compass roses are some good ideas you can incorporate into your decking plans.
  • Picture framing adds an interesting look by installing a border around the outside of your deck.

Different Wood Deck Edge Designs

  • Flush edge design is achieved by cutting the decking boards close to the deck To hide the cut edge you can install a wooden trim.
  • Overhang edge design is allowing the decking boards to overhang the frame. This allows better water drainage which means your deck will last much longer.
  • Boxed-in edge design is an option of building a deck edge around the end of the decking boards. This does not allow for good water drainage.

Designing a unique wooden deck will set your home apart from others and will capture the attention of your Northern Virginia neighbors.

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