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Frequent Questions Homeowners Have About a Deck Builder in Leesburg, VA

Having a deck built can extend the living space and create a comfortable place for friends and family to gather. Owners of decks often state that it is their favorite place in the house. When a deck is skillfully designed and properly constructed, it can also add beauty and value to the property, but only if the right builder is used. When a deck builder is needed in Leesburg, VA, homeowners often know who to call. For over thirty years Hal Co Fence has been proud to be the premier fence and deck contractor in Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metro area, and they look forward to continuing their record of excellence.

Hal Co is a reputable deck builder serving Leesburg, VA residents for over 33 years. We offer:

  • Quality design, selection, installation and related services for your deck in Leesburg , VA following the highest safety procedures and industry standards.
  • In partnership, we will evaluate your deck project requirements and develop a comprehensive installation plan.
  • Personalized customer service before, during and after installing your deck in Leesburg, VA to minimize your disruption and maximize your comfort.

Hal Co Fence knows that choosing a deck builder in Leesburg, VA is an important decision, especially if homeowners want the job done right. To give their clients added assurance that they’ve hired the best, the staff at Hal Co Fence has put together this list of their customers’ most frequently asked questions.

1. Does a deck builder in Leesburg, VA need to be insured?

In some areas, it is required by law for a contractor to be licensed and insured. Even if it is not required by law it is still recommended. If an accident or injury occurs on the job site, the homeowner may be financially responsible if the deck builder is not fully insured. At Hal Co Fence all of their contractors are highly trained and fully insured. They are also licensed to work in the state. This gives their customers added peace of mind knowing that the project will not have any legal issues.

2. Can a deck builder help plan a Leesburg, VA deck?

Homeowners often have a good idea of what they want, only have difficult putting their plans on paper. It is also not uncommon for clients to only have a vague idea of what they need. At Hal Co Fence the talented team will sit down with customers to determine their vision for the property. They will help plan every aspect of the deck from its layout to added features. They will take the customer’s budget into careful consideration and create a plan for a deck that meets and even exceeds the client’s expectations.

3. Is it possible to add stairs and coverings to a deck?

A skilled deck builder in Leesburg, VA can create a deck with stairs making it easy to access from inside the home or outside. Hal Co Fence can not only design and install stairs, but they can also create coverings for the deck. Simply adding a cover can add functionality to the deck, keeping it comfortable almost year round. With hot summers the norm in the area, placing a cover on the deck can help it stay cool. The team at Hal Co Fence will go over these and other options with their clients during the initial planning stage.

4. What type of features can be added to a deck?

A deck builder in Leesburg, VA should be capable of discussing and installing a number of features. Some of these often include benches, flower boxes and even fire pits and brick ovens. Decks are no longer just places to put a couple of chairs and a small table; they are now used as outdoor kitchens and living rooms.

The licensed craftsmen at Hal Co Fence can add any number of these features creating a deck that will be the envy of the neighborhood. They can turn their customers’ dreams for their outdoor living space into reality, while still staying within the agreed upon budget.

5. Is the deck builder in Leesburg, VA capable of working with different materials?

Hal Co Fence has over three decades of experience making them uniquely qualified to work with all types of decking material, including composite. Made from recycled wood waste and plastics, composite decks are becoming a popular choice with homeowners in Northern Virginia. The knowledgeable personnel at Hal Co Fence will explain all of the benefits and drawbacks associated with all of the commonly used materials and work closely with their clients to help them make the best decision for their home and lifestyle.

6. Does the deck builder offer a guarantee?

Even the best contracting company can occasionally have a problem with their work. Loose boards, uneven stairs, and even shaky railings can all be common problems that don’t appear until after the deck builder has left the Leesburg, VA property. This is also the last thing any homeowner wants to deal with, especially if the new deck did not come with a guarantee.

Hal Co Fence is dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. The licensed contractor won’t leave the job site until the customer states that they are completely satisfied. This fencing and deck contractor also backs all of their work with their customer satisfaction guarantee. This commitment to their customers has earned Hal Co Fence the 2015 Super Service Award from Angie’s List.

7. Will the deck builder clean up the Leesburg, VA property when the job is finished?

The work crew will not leave the job site until the property is fully restored to its original condition. Hal Co Fence wants the property to look like they were never there. From the initial design until the last piece of debris is thrown away, the contractor will be there every step of the way. It is this attention to detail and their customers’ satisfaction that has helped make Hal Co Fence one of the leading names in the industry.

8. Is a deck builder really necessary in Leesburg, VA?

Bookstores are filled with DIY guides on deck building, and there are also plenty available for free online. There are even TV and radio programs that will walk homeowners through the deck building process. Even though the professionals can make building a deck look easy, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that it will be durable, functional and safe.

Hal Co Fence always recommends hiring an experienced deck builder, even if the homeowner feels particularly “handy.” Supports that aren’t properly placed can cause the deck to collapse, and this is only one of the problems that commonly occurs. With Hal Co Fence homeowners can rest assured that not only will their deck be safe to use, but also that it was designed and built to last for years.

9. Is it affordable to hire a deck builder?

Hal Co Fence understands that their customers are working with a budget, and this is always factored into any project they take on. Before any project is started, one of the experienced estimators will double check all of the details to make sure the proposed design plan fits the customer’s needs and budget. This helps to ensure that customers are not hit with surprise expenses at the end of the project. If added costs do arise, they will be clearly discussed with the client before additional work is done.

10. How long will the project take with a deck builder?

There is no simple answer to this question since it will depend on several factors. The size of the deck will play a role in the length of time it takes to complete, along with the condition of the property. Added features can also affect the timeline, and even the weather can cause unexpected delays.

When Northern Virginia property owners contact the experts at Hal Co Fence, the initial design stage will include a complete inspection of the property. This, along with the plans, will all be factored in when the deck builder is finalizing the deadline.

Adding a deck onto a home doesn’t have to be a complicated process with help from Hal Co Fence. The experienced craftsmen, designers and deck builders will all work together to turn their client’s vision into reality. The company is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction, and it is this continued dedication that has earned them the loyalty and respect of their clients. It has also helped to make them one of the leading deck and fence contracting companies in the area.

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