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You’ve made the decision to install the deck of your dreams to your Northern Virginia home. Congratulations!  Adding a deck to your home not only extends your living space and allows you to conveniently entertain and enjoy the outdoors, but it also adds value to your home.

Deck Shape

Your next step is deciding the size and shape of your deck. When planning your desk design, be aware that deck size and shape are complementary design elements that often go hand-in-hand. The golden rule in decks is simply making your deck large enough to give you space to do your desired outdoor activities. To figure out how large your deck needs to be, start with a sketch of your deck and assign each intended activity, be it a dining, cooking, reclining, or conversing, to a different part of the deck area. When sketching, keep these principles in mind:

  • Give each activity its own space within the design. If possible, look for ways to make spaces do double duty. Separate each space with physical features, such as benches or planters, or changes in decking patterns and angles.
  • Allow enough space for the activity, furniture, and traffic flow around the area.
  • Outdoor furniture runs larger than indoor furniture, so add about a foot more space to each comparable interior item when planning for outdoor furniture.
  • Allow space for pathways from the door to any stairs to be added to the deck. Pathways should be at least three or four feet wide at all points.
  • Keep the size of the home and yard in mind. A large home can overwhelm a small deck and visa versa.

When considering the shape of your deck, there’s no need to feel boxed in. Decks come in nearly any shape, including squares, rectangles, angles, L-shapes, T-shapes, curves, and free forms. Factor in activity spaces, yard size, access points, and furniture when making your shape selection. Shapes dictate the whole feel of your deck, and the function that deck will serve. Geometric decks normally appear more formal, while free form and curved deck shapes suggest a more informal deck function. Looking to feel relaxed and at ease on your deck? Choose long lines and curves. For a more daring feel, choose sharp angles, especially when drawing attention towards an awe-inspiring view. Look to nature when deciding upon shape. A large, open space offering a Falls Church waterfront view can be complemented with a long deck and railing, while an urban Arlington backdrop can be accented with a sharp geometric deck shape.

Deck Materials

Vinyl decks, a wooden decks and composite decks all have their own characteristics and advantages: vinyl decks are low maintenance and will look good for a long time, wooden decks have that warm natural wood feeling and composite decks can provide a combination of advantages. Hal Co Fence representatives are happy to discuss the pros and cons of the decking materials available and to help you decide which best suits your purpose and the your home.

Hal Co Fence and Deck Contractor

Contact Hal Co Fence Company for more deck information on fence and deck installation at your home in Great Falls, Vienna, Springfield, Reston, or any other Northern Virginia community. Our team of fence and deck contractor professionals will assist you with any design or installation inquiry you may have.







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